Interested in a Brand-New Class?

"Asparagus" - one canvas, painted to look like two separate images
“Asparagus” – one canvas, painted to look like two separate images (16″x20″)

“Asparagus” is a piece Jackie painted for last month’s Open House, but it wasn’t added to the schedule due to the demand for repeats of already-scheduled classes. Now that Jackie is planning the Spring schedule she’d like to get your feedback on the piece, to decide if she should include it in the schedule or not. Since we haven’t yet posted an image of the class on the website, we thought this would be a good opportunity.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in taking this class? If so please call us at (604) 541-8322 or email us at and let us know (you can also leave a comment below!). If we get enough interest we will be adding it to the schedule, and will be contacting those who expressed interest in the class first to inform you of the dates.

2 thoughts on “Interested in a Brand-New Class?”

  1. Hello Jackie,

    Will you be teaching any more drawing classes in the future, If so, would it be on a weekend?
    I have in the past taken an 8 week class with another artist and I enjoyed it a lot !
    It was so nice to see you in the shop when Jenny and I came to Crescent Beach for our walk.
    The sunset was absolutely fabulous.

    Take Care – Dolores.

    1. Hi Dolores,

      I have it on good authority that Jackie is planning on offering Drawing Classes again, possibly before the summer. She is in the process of updating how she teaches the class, so as soon as it is ready to go (and if there is space in the schedule!) we will notify everyone via the website and then by newsletter.

      Thanks for the comment!

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