If you have a question about Tiggy’s, it may be answered below:

These are questions we often get from new students interested in taking a class at Tiggy’s. If you have a question about Tiggy’s you don’t see here, feel free to call us at (604)541-8322 or email us anytime.

Q: Do I need art experience to take a class?

A: Definitely not! Our Beginner’s class is designed for brand new students who have never painted, or those who need to brush-up on their techniques. You don’t even need to know how to draw (and that includes taking our drawing classes!) The Beginner’s Programme is a pre-requisite for all classes at Tiggy’s, even if you’ve painted in the past, as it introduces our new students to our approach to painting and the materials we use in every class.

Q: Are supplies included in the class fee?

A: Supplies (that you keep and take home) are only included in a kit form for the Beginner’s class . The class fees shown for all other painting classes include instruction, carefully prepared written notes and a photograph of the finished project, and sometimes the surface you will paint on (as indicated). When you take the Beginner’s Programme you will receive the Beginner’s Supply Kit which includes brushes, paints, a framed canvas and essential supplies needed for painting. In future classes you take from us you’ll often only need to purchase a few extra brushes and paints in order to have everything you need for the class.

Q: Why aren’t supplies included in your classes?

A: In our experience, when supplies are included for general use in an art class they are not of very good quality nor are they well looked-after, and can be a source of frustration for the student as they won’t produce desired or expected results. A large part of painting is using the correct tools and materials, so using poor-quality, worn-out brushes with dull poster paints is not going to help you learn how to paint fine art. Accurately applying paint to a canvas is a bit tricky when the bristles are pointing in every direction, and mixing poor-quality paints (with impure pigments) often leaves you with a muddy mess! We teach you how to properly care for your brushes and other supplies in order to extend their useful life so that your investment will pay off on the canvas.

Q: Where can I buy painting supplies?

A: Tiggy’s sells all the supplies we use in our classes, and at prices comparable to other art supply stores in the lower mainland. Our supplies have been carefully hand-picked in order to provide you with the best results in our classes. There are thousands of different brushes out there, and more than once we’ve seen students come to class with poor-quality brushes that actually cost them more than our high-quality ones!  We appreciate your support of a local small business by buying supplies from us; it helps us to continue to deliver quality classes at competitive prices.

Q: How do I register for a class?

A: We now accept online registration! Simply visit our classes page, then click REGISTER under the class you’d like to sign up for. After you enter your information and pay the class fee, you will be instantly registered! You can also visit us in beautiful Crescent Beach, South Surrey, or call us at 604-541-8322 (leave a message if the studio is closed and we will call you back). Keep in mind if you call us that until we receive your class fee, you will not be considered registered for the class. All classes require the class fee to be paid in full in order for you to be registered – please take a look at our Registration Policy before registering.

Q: Is it safe to register online?

A: We have taken every precaution to ensure your credit card information remains safe when using it on our website to register for a class. We follow the strictest PCI Security Standards, which means all information sent from anywhere on our site is encrypted and secured with SSL, and no data (including your credit card information) is ever stored on our server. You can verify our security by checking that there is a green padlock in the address bar at the top of your browser, and by clicking the “Secure Site – click to verify” button at the bottom of every page of our website.

Q: Is there parking at Tiggy’s?

A: We have a free parking lot behind our studio reserved for our customers, as parking in Crescent Beach can be limited (especially on sunny days!) You can also park for free directly in front of the studio to the round-a-bout at the beach. Be advised if you park east of the studio there is a two-hour limit on Beecher Street from McBride to the railway tracks.

Q: What are your hours of business?

A: Tiggy’s is open whenever a class is in session. You can take a look at the calendar on our classes page to see what our schedule is, or give us a call anytime to find out when we’ll be open. We update our phone message frequently to reflect the current hours of operation.


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