Art Supplies

Tiggy’s isn’t just about painting classes, we also carry a wide selection of painting supplies!

We carry all the supplies we use in our classes, including artist-grade paints, high-quality brushes, superb canvases, a variety of palettes, and a number of other items needed when painting.
If you are taking a class at Tiggy’s we suggest purchasing your supplies from us as we have hand-picked every item to ensure they are compatible with the types of paints we use, and of high quality so you achieve fantastic results. Our prices are comparable to other art supply stores in the lower mainland and as a local small business we appreciate your support!
Below are the supplies we normally have available, and we are happy to place custom orders if you’d like something that isn’t currently in stock.


Canvases Closeup

If you spend the time and effort to create a work of art, you want it to be on a surface that looks just as good! All of our canvases meet the highest standards of quality and are made in Canada. They are double-gessoed to minimize pinholes and create a fabulous surface to paint on. They come pre-stretched on dovetail-cornered stretcher bars for extra durability and have finished edges (they are stapled on back instead of the sides) which means you can hang any of our canvases without frames and they will have a clean, professional look. We even have pre-framed canvases which are an excellent deal and add a subtle sophistication to your finished piece. We order canvases specifically for our classes but often have extras in stock; if you’d like a specific size please call us ahead of time and we would be happy to order it for you!


Paints Closeup 2

One of the most important aspects of painting is the type of paint you use. We only carry  and use Traditions pure-pigment, artist-grade acrylic paints. Unlike the vast majority of artist-grade paints, these paints are completely non-toxic and have low to no VOC’s! They also have a completely clear acrylic polymer resin base, and are as light-fast as the pigment allows to ensure your painting stands the test of time – even in direct sunlight. Every pigment has a uniform, creamy consistency and because of their pure chemical composition and clear base, your paintings will be vibrant and rich with colour.
All our classes are taught using the basic set of pigments, and in all our classes we teach you how to mix them to create any colour, as well as how to achieve effects similar to oil and watercolour paintings. Once you’ve tried these acrylics, you’ll be hooked!


Brushes Closeup 3

The brushes we carry are of high quality (but at a reasonable price!) and are carefully chosen for their compatibility with acrylic paint. What this means is that they rarely lose bristles (which can ruin your painting) and apply paint in a super smooth, fluid manner, making every brush stroke a breeze! The last thing you want to be doing when perfecting your masterpiece is fighting with your brush every step of the way.
We carry most sizes and styles including specialty brushes such as those with natural hair bristles, and Jackie’s ‘perfect varnish brush’. We can help you choose the right brush for your project, or if you are looking for a specific brush please call us and we will be happy to order it for you if not in stock.

Other Supplies

Supplies Closeup

We carry a variety of other painting and general art supplies including Masterson wet palettes, waxed palette pads, graphite paper, large Mylar sheets, styluses, erasers, brush holders, brush grooming pads and cleansers, varnish, mediums (such as glazing medium and extender), bristol board, soapstone and chalk pencils, a variety of artist pens and pencils and more.
Feel free to call ahead if you are looking for something specific. We carry all the art supplies we use in our painting classes, so if you are taking a class with us we are your one-stop shop!



Painting Lessons and Art Supplies by the Beach