About the Studio

Since 1994, Tiggy’s has been dedicated to teaching everyone and anyone how to paint.

Student Painting 2

Tiggy’s at crescent school of art (formerly Tiggywinkle’s in Ocean Park) was founded by Jackie Neufeld in South Surrey in 1994 with the purpose of providing art classes that everyone can understand. Our small class sizes – eight students maximum – ensures every student receives the one-on-one attention they need in order to have a positive experience.

We primarily offer painting classes (using professional-grade non-toxic acrylic paints on canvas), but occasionally offer drawing and coloured pencil classes as well. Our unique approach to teaching art in a fun and supportive environment is why we have stayed in business for twenty-five years, and have students from South Surrey/White Rock, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and even as far away as the Gulf Islands, Atlanta, and England!

Even though we teach art, we’re not all “artsy fartsy.”

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When Jackie first started teaching painting classes she realized the vast majority of her students had wanted to explore their creative side for a long time, but thought they weren’t “artistic” enough. With this in mind she began developing a teaching method that she has employed since starting Tiggy’s. She wanted to ensure all her students realized that anyone can have fun and be creative and still create a work of art they’d be proud to show off.

In all her classes she teaches the fundamentals of art, brushwork, and colour theory, and demonstrates these techniques right on the canvas. Students learn the important building blocks by implementing them in a step-by-step way that makes sense. By the end of the class, students have a stronger understanding of what makes art beautiful because they have practiced these techniques themselves while creating their very own professional-looking painting.

In every class you take at Tiggy’s, you receive a set of comprehensive class notes to take home, a photograph of the finished painting, instruction tailored to your individual needs, general supplies to use in the class, and complimentary coffee and tea.

If you are new to Tiggy’s check out our New Students page, with information on our Beginner’s Programme.

In every painting class at Tiggy’s, we teach you how to express your creativity.

Jackie Demonstrating

We teach you how to paint, step-by-step. Every class you take at Tiggy’s includes a variety of techniques in order to achieve the finished product. Each class will cover:

  • Colour theory behind the painting: the reason for certain colour choices and where and when to use them.
  • How to mix colours to the correct value, intensity and temperature.
  • Brush and palette-knife techniques to achieve the look you want.
  • Design choices: how to place objects in a painting to encourage movement and flow.
  • Preparation and finishing techniques and methods.

At Tiggy’s school of art, the process is as important as the end product. We strive to teach the techniques and skills necessary to enable you to become an independent artist, and to enjoy painting because you’re good at it!

Meet the teacher and founder of Tiggy’s

jackie paintingJackie Neufeld has been involved with some aspect of art for most of her life. From winning grade school art competitions to excelling at university art education courses, Jackie’s interest in and proclivity for art in all its forms has only grown and intensified over the years. Jackie obtained her Bachelor of Education degree with First Class Honours in 1979 from the University of British Columbia. She pursued a successful teaching career in North Vancouver schools before becoming a full-time mum to her two children. In 1994 she combined her teaching skill with her love of art when she opened Tiggy’s and began offering the quality classes that both Tiggy’s and Jackie have become known for.


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