If you want to learn how to paint, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s a reason we’ve been in business over 25 years: Tiggy’s at crescent is a different kind of art studio.

If you have always wanted to learn how to paint but don’t think you are creative enough to enjoy painting, then you need to give Tiggy’s a try! Since 1994 we have been dedicated to teaching everyone how to paint in a fun and supportive environment. We teach concrete fundamental techniques and theory that can be applied to any painting to achieve the same levels of success. Better yet, you will emerge from each of our classes with a finished, professional-looking painting you will be proud to hang on your wall. We’re here in beautiful Crescent Beach (South Surrey) at our bright, cozy studio by the sea to teach you how to paint!

The first step for all students new to Tiggy’s is to take the Beginner’s Course

Tiggy’s at crescent is a painting studio dedicated to step-by-step painting classes in a supportive environment. We use ultra-high quality, pure-pigment, non-toxic acrylic paints for all our classes, along with made-in-canada premium double-gessoed canvases and artist-grade acrylic-compatible brushes. We carry all supplies we use in classes and at prices on par with other lower mainland art supply stores, the difference being our supplies have all been hand-picked by Jackie to give you the best results at a reasonable price!

Tiggy’s has been in business for 26 years for a reason: we are one of the only art studios in BC that have focused, project-based art classes that actually teach you how to paint. The skills you learn in every class can be applied to any painting, but we teach them in a way that allows anyone to learn. If you are new to Tiggy’s check out our New Students page for more info on the first class you should take with us.

We are located just steps from the beach in South Surrey / White Rock. We are only open on days we have a class, so check out our calendar before making the trip to the beach if you’d like to see us in action!

New Coronavirus Protocols at Tiggy’s


  • Classes will be limited to a maximum of 4 students, who will each be seated at a “station” separated from the others by a plexiglass barrier.
  •  A mask and a face shield will be required to be worn while moving about in the studio, watching a demonstration, etc.  You may remove the face shield while seated at your station but the face mask must remain in place. (Masks and face shields will be available for sale separately in the studio if you do not have your own.)
  • To minimize movement within the studio (ie. to the sink, etc.), each student will be provided with 2 buckets at their station, 1 with clean water the other for dirty paint water.
  • Students will be asked to wash their paintbrushes at home after class.
  • There will no longer be studio towels to use.  Please bring your own.  You may also wish to bring your own blowdryer.
  • There will be no coffee/tea available.  Please bring your own.
  • Stations, high touch points, and the bathroom will be cleaned/sanitized between classes.
  • Classes will be a maximum of 4 hours in duration with no lunch break (9:30am-1:30pm).  Most classes will be 3.5 hours or less.
  • I will also be seated in my own station in the studio, behind plexiglass, and will use my own brushes and paints.  I will work on students’ canvasses for demos and when my help is needed, I will work on your canvas, at MY station.  My mask and face shield will be in place whenever I leave my station.

I know it goes without saying, but please DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO IF YOU ARE SICK or experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms.  Please also do not come to the studio if you have been outside of Canada within the previous 14 days.

Please bring your own hand sanitizer for use before you enter the studio and while you are in the studio.  Please arrive on time or up to 5 minutes early for your class, wearing your face mask and shield, and enter through the back door, respecting the 2 m physical distance from others.

For the foreseeable future, when you register for a class, your Supply List will be emailed to you.  There will be a date by which you will need to let Ramona know what supplies you will need for class.  She will get them ready for you to pick up at a specified time, along with your canvas for the class.

Thank-you for supporting a locally-owned and operated business! We look forward to welcoming you back in the studio!